Control & Monitoring Management

Design, Development, Support and Services of Data Center Infrastructure Management, Control and Monitoring System

Renewing Management

Renewing Solutions for infrastructure to implement controal and monitoring data access

Data Center Management

Design, Consultant, supervision, Implementation, Support, Operation and solution providing for green data center in Iran

Vira DCIM System

A pioneer in providing comprehensive management, control and monitoring (Vira DCIM)software solution in Iran.

this integrated platform throught collecting data from diffrent sources, while reducing data center operational cost, whith having set of management features and control & monitoring specification,reability of the system has increased.

Performance of this system is interconnected with type of equipment used in design and also with providing functional data capability of any secton baseon common protocol.

Key Features

Some of the most important keyu features of system as follow:

  • To resolve operational processes complecity
  • comprehnsiveness and integrity all sections
  • To determine PUE for better management of energy consuption
  • estimation and forecasting for future planning decisions capacity.
  • Customized and 3D User Grapghic Interface
  • diffrent communications method based on the type of event

Contact Details

Telephone:+98(21) 2287 4792-97

4th floor, No 5,
Behesht Asa Ave,
Shariati Blvd, Tehran